Consultations made easily accessible

Can’t drop by our clinic? Therapy Lounge Center offers telehealth for you and your child’s convenience. Get clinical assessments, consultations, mentoring, and other services at a distance. Therapy and treatment are made more accessible and readily available with our therapists being one call or screen away. You may reach us at your most convenient time through video conferencing or phone calls, depending on your preferred choice of communication.

Say Yes to Telehealth:

TOP 10 Reasons why Teletherapy can be a better choice for you or your child:

  • Frees up more time and energy for you or your child by spending less time in traffic and driving to and from clinic.
  • Cut the cost of gas and parking fees.
  • Check with your insurance, some waive Co-Pays for tele health services.
  • Generalizing skills to everyday life: Learning ways to position and use toys in your home in therapeutic ways. We love to work with parents by using what you have already at home because that is your everyday reality!
  • Enjoy the comforts of your home.
  • Improve communication with patients: With a telehealth practice, communication, such as appointment reminders, can be sent out to patients in real-time and automatically. Messages can quickly and easily be exchanged directly from the therapist to the patient, without needing a middle-man or ample time to take phone calls. Reducing the number of communication channels helps to keep everything clear and all parties on the same page and by having all information in writing there is little room for confusion.
  • Decrease risk of illness.
  • Location Independence: Therapy can be done from anywhere, we mean anywhere!
  • Enjoy a Flexible Schedule: Most tele providers do not work on the customary 9-5 model. You may have more flexible scheduling for your appointment.
  • Teach your child how to use IPAD in a productive way

Our remote services are designed to make our services more convenient. Get in touch with Therapy Lounge Center today.