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Our mission is to provide opportunities for individuals to build relationships and achieve a better life with our innovative solutions and therapy services.


Therapy Lounge Center is dedicated to improving the lives of the individuals we serve through a multi-disciplinary treatment approach.

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The basic aspect of human life is communication. We build relationships and socialize with others by interacting with the people around us. However, there are children and adults who have communication, behavioral, occupational, and other impairments that limit their ability to build meaningful relationships with others, thus finding it difficult to interact and communicate with friends or family. Without an effective and proper solution, their lives may be considerably affected.

This is where Therapy Lounge Center can help. We offer comprehensive treatment methods and a multidisciplinary team providing all our services in one setting. Our speech, occupational, and behavioral therapy services aim to correct or improve symptoms and behaviors found in various disorders. We also provide Early Intervention Programs for children and adults who are at risk of having developmental delays or disorders.

Therapy Lounge Center believes that every child deserves to have social opportunities and establish a good relationship with others. With the help of our multidisciplinary team, we can provide them life-changing support and opportunities.

The services we do are all set to improve communication/speech, behavioral, and occupational impairments. We utilize a multilingual approach and individualized treatment to meet our client’s special needs.

Therapy Lounge Center offers screenings, assessments, consultations, and therapy. We also accept all major insurances for a more convenient payment option. Feel free to drop by our clinic at your most convenient time.